Mohammed Fatah


UCL postgraduate with outstanding academic qualifications and an excellent record of achievements.

UCL CMMP Summer Research Scholarship


Executed a research project to encapsulate magnetic nanoparticles inside artificial polymersomes for the use in future cancer treatments. This project was implemented at the science laboratories at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, the very same research department that the auspicious Michael Faraday attended. The placements are primarily intended for third-year students, although second-year students may be considered in exceptional circumstances. In all cases, the student must have an excellent record of achievement in their undergraduate studies.

UCL Chemistry Entrance Scholarship for Excellence

This award is for those with outstanding academic qualification and performance during the first term (the Introduction to Chemical Principles course).


I have been providing private tuition since 2012 and have become one of the best tutors in the world. I begin by teaching science through my perspective to provide the student with an in-depth and better understanding. I highlight and further explain any scientific concepts my students find difficult to perceive.


Once I believe my students have understood science, we will begin answering topic exercise questions to develop an understanding of how questions can be asked on the topic. Once we have worked through many topic exercise questions and we have developed the skills to identify and categorize the various approaches questions can take, we begin to look at examination questions and work through those. We will log our education journey by highlighting topics we understand and find difficult on a specification (syllabus) catered to you. Thus will provide us with a logbook of what topics we have learned and capable of answering exam questions on with confidence!



Mohammed Fatah


MSci Chemistry | UCL | First Class Honours

A-Level Mathematics | A*

A-Level Chemistry | A*

A-Level Biology | A* 

UCL Chemistry Degree Certificate
A-Level Biology Certificate
A-Level Chemistry Certificate
A-Level Mathematics Certificate